Colour Correction

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Hair Colour Correction & Colour Changes at Aurora Hairdressing Salon in Northampton

If you've had a home hair colour disaster, or changed your mind about a colour you’ve had applied, help is at hand at Aurora Hairdressing Salon in Northampton.

We are renowned hair colour specialists who are experts in hair colour correction, hair colour changes and transformations.  Our highly trained colourists fully understand how colour will react with your hair and have the knowledge and skill to restore your hair colour and condition.

If you are unhappy with your colour, please call us as soon as possible so we can help.  Book in for a hair colour correction consultation with one of our friendly team, who will work with you to achieve the correct colour result for you.

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Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

Attempting to correct your hair colour at home may seem more cost effective, but this often just makes the matter worse.  

From over bleached hair to hair with brassy or yellow tones, we have seen it all (clearly not in our salon though!).  We will assess the condition of your hair and put a plan of action to prescribe the perfect solution.

One of our favourite and most effective hair repair treatments is OLAPLEX which rebuilds the broken bonds in damaged hair to give you healthy, strong, soft and shiny hair.  Find out more about OLAPLEX here.

Common Hair Colour Problems

Colouring your hair at home can lead to all sorts of issues including patchy colour, bands of different shades and hair turning out a completely different colour to the shade on the side of the pack!

Rest assured, we can cleanse blonde hair that has green, brassy yellow or pink tinges; we can match your roots to the rest of your hair colour and we can lift flat, dark hair colour to make it vibrant once more.

Changing Your Hair Colour 

If you want to change the colour of your hair, applying a new shade is unlikely to produce the results you are after.  We may need to colour cleanse your hair to ensure the new colour takes correctly.  

It is also worth bearing in mind that colour transformations may take more than one appointment, depending on your base colour and the new shade you have chosen.  Your Aurora hair specialist will explain all you need to know during your complimentary colour consultation. 

Hair Colour Correction Appointments at Aurora Hair Salon in Northampton

To book your hair colour correction appointment at our hair salon in Northampton, please ring 01604 622 408 or book your hair appointment securely online using the button to the right of this screen.