Suitable for all hair types, the advanced innovative treatment contains 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releases no chemical off-gases for safe Bond Reformation Soft Smoothing and Complete Smoothing (Straightening). Resulting in soft, healthy and beautifully smooth hair that is humidity-proof, frizz controlled, easy to manage and has a intensified natural shine.

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(Above Shoulder: £120, Shoulder Length: £150 & Below Shoulder: £170)

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Constructs an outer foundation on hair to insulate hair from damaging environmental sources

Forms a solid inner layer to seal natural nourishing nutrients inside enabling enhanced nourishment from roots to tips

Cross links separated hair bonds, creates new bond and multiplies and stabilises existing bonds for healthy damage free hair

Reforms the hair fibre texture to smooth and straight

Emulates the natural hair process by enabling hair to recuperate itself from the inside

Encourages hair growth by actively pulsating the scalp for enhanced blood flow , allowing hair to grow long

Reduces friction between hair strands for freedom of movement

We’ve been reviewed over 150 times.
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We’ve been reviewed over 150 times.
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