2022 Hair Trends

Top Hair Trends For 2022 At Aurora Hairdressing Salon In Northampton

We make it our mission to stay ahead of the latest trends at our Hairdressing Salon in Northampton, so that we can deliver the best hairstyles to keep you super stylish. Our expert team is highly trained in the skills and techniques needed to create the top hair trends for you.

With so many exciting new looks to choose from, what are you waiting for? Book your hair appointment with us at Aurora Hair Salon so that you can be totally on-trend for 2022.

Make sure to book in for a consultation so that we can discuss exactly what hairstyle you would like. During this time, you and your stylists can share your ideas and thoughts so that we can create a hairstyle you’re sure to love.

Keep reading for some of our favourite hair trends for 2022 to inspire your next look…

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The Wolf Cut aka The Modern Mullet

Looking for a modern take on a retro classic hairstyle? The shaggy mullet could be for you! This modern mullet is also known as the wolf cut, and it looks as cool as it sounds. It combines two throwback hairstyles – the 70s shag haircut and the 80s mullet – for a top trending look.

This hairstyle is soft and flattering with lots of shaggy layers on the top and sides, faded shorter at the temples and tapered towards the bottom. To style, just apply some mousse or gel for a tousled, textured hairstyle that everyone’s sure to love.

Curtain Bangs & Flicked Fringes

An easy way to transform your hairstyle without losing any length is by adding a fabulous fringe. Curtain bangs are a top trend this year as they can be adapted to suit almost every hairstyle and face shape for a fresh and fierce haircut!

For those of you that have fine hair, adding any fringe to your hairstyle will instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller! The 70s style flick is the perfect option for a super stylish fringe.

The Female Buzz Cut

You’ll be the buzz of the town with a female buzz cut! This statement haircut is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and is also set to be bang on trend this year. For some extra fun, you could also get a fashion hair colour applied to your beautiful buzz cut. At Aurora Hairdressing, we are a proud L'Oreal salon and so can create the best hair colours for you!

What’s great about this short hairstyle is that it’s low maintenance, meaning you can roll out of bed or jump out the shower with a hairstyle that’s ready to go!

Cara Delevingne shows us how it’s done as she looks absolutely stunning sporting a brilliant buzzcut.

The Bixie Haircut

What’s a bixie? Well, the bixie is going to be one of the hottest hairstyles of the year! This haircut combines two classics as it is a cross between the cropped pixie haircut and the beautiful bob. Our skilled stylists will cut your hair so that it’s left slightly longer around the fringe area and over the ears with soft, flattering feathered ends and choppy layering to fabulously frame your face.

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