Celebrity Hair Trends

Celebrity Hair Style Inspiration from Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton

Celebrities always lead the way when it comes to the latest hair trends, often setting the trends themselves with their latest looks.   At Aurora hair salon in Northampton, our expert team love to stay on top of all the latest hair trends and techniques.  We can recreate celebrity styles, adapting them for you to create a bespoke look that's both flattering and wearable.

Here are some of our favourite style icons, ready to inspire you as you prepare for your relaunch after lockdown…

The Best Hair Trends Near Me







Bright and Beautiful Hair Colours

After so many months shut in, why not be brave with a bold fashion hair colour this spring?   Taraji P. Henson shows us how with this eye-catching neon pink hair colour!    At Aurora we can create a whole host of vivid head-turning hair colours including bright pinks and purples or bold blues.   Speak to the hair colourists at our Northampton salon, and we will create whatever eye-catching hair colour you’ve got your heart set on using our top quality L'Oreal hair colours. 

If bolds aren't your thing but you'd still like a bit of subtle colour, ask your stylist for highlights or balayage.   We can then create bright pops of colour throughout your hair while enhancing your natural colour.

Beautiful Blonde Hair Colours

There's a reason why blonde is still the most popular hair colour in the UK!    There are hundreds of different blonde shades out there as well as numerous hair colour techniques we can use to create the perfect blonde hair colour for you!

White blonde platinum hair is always a glamorous choice, beloved by many celebrities.  Ariel Winter from Modern Family looks perfect here with this platinum blonde look.   Any blonde hair transformation takes skill and knowledge to attain the right shade while maintaining your hair's condition.   At Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton, we are highly trained hair colour technicians, allowing us to create a wide range of beautiful blonde hair colours – from silvery blonde shades through to golden and honey blonde tones.   Book in for a consultation so that we can start your blonde hair colour journey!

Casual Wavy Hairstyles

During lockdown many of us have learned to embrace our natural curls with casual wavy hairstyles, so why not let your curly hair grow loose and fabulous?   Jennifer Garner is loving her gorgeous curly locks here, but to make the most of your curls, you need to keep them in tip top condition.    We recommend booking a pampering hair treatment or hair mask at our Northampton salon.   It's also important to use the right products if you are to achieve the perfect curls.  If you’re not sure which products for curly & wavy hair to use,  just ask one of our expert stylists and we'll be happy to recommend the right ones for you.

Fashionable Fringes

A fringe frames your face to show off your fabulous features as well as being a great way to make a big change to your look without losing too much length.   Taylor Swift is rocking her iconic full bangs here and at Aurora we can find your own perfect fringe style.   Our expert stylists will assess your face shape & features to find the perfect style for you.  There’s so many fringes to choose from like curtain bangs, wispy fringes, block fringes and more… Find your fringe at Aurora and lift your locks out of lockdown!

Short Hair and Shaved Undercuts

Short hair is a popular trend amongst celebrities, offering a bold new look after months of struggling with over-grown lockdown locks.   Zoe Kravitz looks beautiful here modelling a super short buzz cut.  Short hair is a great way to look effortlessly chic & high end, but if you’re not yet ready for a super short cut,  you could try a shaved undercut instead.  This is a style where one side, both sides, or the back underneath of your hair is shaved short.  It's an easy way to achieve an edgy look, and you can then work your way up to pixie cropped hair if you want to!   

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