Metal Detox

Protect Your Hair & Get Long Lasting Vibrant Hair Colour With Metal Detox
Available at Aurora Hairdressing Salon in Northampton

Copper is naturally present in water and does not pose a risk to health, but did you know that it can build up in your hair?  This can leave your hair more prone to breakage during hair colour services, including balayage and hair lightening.  It can also lead to unreliable hair colour results.

Luckily we have the solution at our Northampton hair salon in the form of the L'Oreal Metal Detox system.  This patented, game-changing formula helps to neutralise the copper in your hair, with tests showing it results in up to 87% less breakage.

Leading salon owners have described Metal Detox as one of the most exciting innovations in the hair industry in the past 10-15 years due to the improved shine, condition and hair colour results it delivers. 

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to caring for your hair.  Ask for a Metal Detox treatment before your next hair colour appointment at our Northampton salon for optimum shine and colour longevity.

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Metal Detox Hair Treatments Northampton

The Metal Detox Protocol

The in-salon Metal Detox protocol consists of 3 steps:

Professional Pre-Treatment   Applied before colour, balayage or lightening, this treatment helps to protect the hair by neutralising excess copper within the hair fibre.

2   Cleansing Cream Shampoo   Anti-metal shampoo to gently cleanse the hair after your colour service.

3   Anti- Deposit Protector    A professional mask  applied to the hair after shampooing to prevent new particles from coming back.

To continue protecting your hair at home, we recommend using the Metal Detox shampoo and mask on a regular basis.  They are available to purchase from our Northampton salon.

What Results Can I Expect From A Metal Detox Treatment?

Take a look at these gorgeous hair colours created using Metal Detox in the process at our our Northampton salon. 

 The before and after images show the enhanced shine, outstanding condition and softness created.

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