Post-Lockdown Hair Transformations

Post Lockdown Hair Trends at Aurora Hairdressers in Northampton

We've been delighted to welcome so many clients, old and new,  back to our hair salon in Northampton!  As life gets slowly back to a new-normal, many of us are taking the opportunity to make big changes to our hair.  The long months spent at home with box dyes, over-grown lengths and split ends have given us all plenty of time to imagine a whole range of new hair possibilities! 

If your long-awaited trip to the salon is coming up and you're still in need of some inspiration, let us help!   These gorgeous transformations show the trends which have been popular in our Northampton salon since we reopened.

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Beautiful Balayage

This natural, sun-kissed style remains our most popular colour request here at Aurora and it's not difficult to see why.  Our talented team of colour technicians are highly skilled at finding just the right shade of balayage to light up your hairstyle and face.   Blonde balayage is always popular, but we can create balayge looks on all hair colours.   This Honey and Nutella Balayage was created by Kelsey.  To find out more about our Northampton balayage and ombré services, click here.

Fashionable Lobs and Bobs

If lockdown has left you feeling like you're overwhelmed by your long hair, you're in luck - the French girl bob has been hailed by Elle magazine as "the only haircut to get post-lockdown"!  The mid-length lob also remains as popular and classy as ever. 

Nothing says "new hair, new me" quite like getting your hair cut shorter, and a bob or lob will literally take the weight off your shoulders as we head towards autumn.  Take a look at our cutting and styling page for more haircut inspiration and information about the cutting and styling options we offer here at our Northampton salon.

This fashionable lob cut with root smudge was created by Julie.

Be Bold with a New Fashion Colour

Lockdown has made many of us think that life's too short for dull hair!  Since returning to our Northampton salon, many of our clients have decided to try out the some of the fashion colours they've always been thinking about.   So if you've always wondered what you'd look like with pink hair, why not give it a go?  Take a look at the this beautiful pink balayage created by Vee.  Pinkissimo!

Face Framing Highlights

If you're not quite ready for all-over highlights, you could choose face-framing highlights.  This new trend allows you to try a new colour in the area of your hair which will most accentuate your eye colour and brighten up your face.  This stunning facing framing balayage transformation was created by Amy.

Sleek and Smooth

One feature characterised hairstyles for many of us during lockdown - frizz!   If you want to well and truly say goodbye to your wild lockdown locks and keep your just left the salon smoothness, book in for a Nanokeratin hair smoothing treatment

Often referred to as the ‘Brazilian blow-dry’, this revolutionary hair smoothing therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl, instantly adding amazing shine, silkiness and condition. Your hair will be smoother, more manageable and easier to style than ever before.

Love Your Long Hair

While some of us have been desperate to be rid of our lockdown locks, the past few months have also given many of us a chance to gained a new appreciation for our new lengths.  Long hair offers a wide range of styling options, and can look fabulous for special events.

If you've grown to love your long hair but want to make it a bit less unruly, book a visit to our Northampton salon.  We'll get rid of all of the split ends and give you a cut that gives natural life and volume to your flowing locks!  We can add some gorgeous balayage too, to emphasise the movement and texture.  

Hair Colour Correction

The temptation to reach for the box dye was very hard to resist over the long months of lockdown.   Our expert colourists can breathe new life into the flat, badly conditioned hair colour that can result from home hair dying.   Balayage master Vee recently created this beautiful caramel balayage - swipe the picture below to see the before image of her client's black box dye.

Book Your Post-Lockdown Hair Transformation at Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton

We're looking forward to welcoming you into our covid-secure salon soon.  To book your appointment, please call our salon on 01604 622408, or use our easy online booking system by clicking on the arrow on the right of your screen. 

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