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The Best Hair Colours At Aurora Hairdressing Salon In Northampton

When it comes to hair colour, at Aurora Hairdressing Salon, we are the hair colour experts in Northampton. As a proud L'Oreal salon, we are dedicated to creating the best hair colours for you, using the top techniques and latest trends. Our skilled colourists are highly trained and so can create unique, bespoke hair colours suited to your eye colour, skin tone, personality and lifestyle.

Make sure to book in for a consultation so that we can assess your hair and discuss the process to achieve the hair colour you desire. Please note that you must come in for a quick patch test to test for any allergies at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

Take a look at some of the amazing before and after hair transformations that our expert colourists have created...

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Caramel Macchiato Hair Colour

This hair colour looks as sweet as it sounds! To create the caramel macchiato hair colour, our colourists used L'Oreal pro hair colour to transform this clients hair from before to after, styling it with wonderful waves. This hair colour is created using one of the latest hair colouring techniques - balayage - which is also one of our most popular hair colour requests! 

Balayage involves our expert colourists hand-painting highlights throughout your hair to create a subtly sunkissed look. For the caramel macchiato hair colour, caramel balayage was applied from root to tip for a gorgeous warm-toned look.

Caramel Macchiato Aurora Hair Salon

Champagne Blonde

Cheers to going blonde! At Aurora Hair Salon, we are the blonde hair specialists in Northampton which means we can create a variety of beautiful blonde hair colours. From buttery blonde tones to golden blonde shades, we can do it all at our hairdresser salon. 

Champagne blonde is a gorgeous hair colour that comes straight from the bottle - the champagne bottle! This colour sparkles and creates dimension in your blonde hair colour. In the before and after picture below, we have also applied face-framing highlights to brighten up the hair colour around the face to give a gorgeous glow.

Champagne Blonde Aurora Hair Salon

Velvet Brownie Hair Colour

This delicious hair colour will leave you wanting more! The velvet brownie hair colour is a great way to add some depth and dimension to dark hair. Using the beautiful balayage technique once more, our skilled colourists have hand-painted red hair colour throughout this client's dark hair to create stunning contrast and added intrigue to the hair.

This gorgeous hair colour will look even more fabulous when the sun shines as the light will pick up the red highlights to give them a golden glow.

Velvet Brownie Aurora Hair Salon

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If you want a stunning hair transformation and a bespoke hair colour that's suited to you, make sure to book an appointment at Aurora Hairdressing Salon in Northampton. To book your hair appointment with us just call us on 01604 622 408 or book online using the pop-up button on the side of the page.

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