Super Model Hair Tips

Super Model Hair Tips!

Top Super Model Hair Tips from Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton

Get the best hair tips and tricks from the stylists at Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton to help you achieve great hair.

 1.  “For that swept supermodel fringe, blow dry it all forward and quite flat down over your face. Then push it all to the side to finish the look.” – George Northwood

 2.  “If you want to get real supermodel hair like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Gisele, rough dry the hair and then take random sections and wrap around big tongs, the secret is to leave the roots and at least an inch/half-inch at the ends and just tong the middle section.” – George Northwood

 3.  “Hot or warm hair can be molded into any shape or style; to create perfect waves at home, simply twist hair up into a tight bun straight after blow-drying and leave to cool for as long as possible. Let it down once cool and you’ll have natural waves with no effort!” – Sarah Louise

 4.  “For wild sexy hair, blow-dry with your head upside down using your fingers to tousle and add texture.” – Peter Gray.

On your next visit feel free to ask Aurora’s stylist about any of our tips or to show you how to create a style that’s perfectly suited to you.